Our FREE Bully Prevention Training is NOW AVAILABLE!
Thanks to your support during our previous bully prevention walks, we have achieved tremendous gains in our efforts to prevent bullying!   

Over the past year our new bully training curriculum, “Bullying – Walking Through What You Can Do” has been designed, developed, reviewed, tested, and presented to various groups across the state, and to date, we have trained 103 parents, 545 students, and nearly 200 educators and other professionals on bully prevention. 3,165 bully prevention resources have been distributed through the various trainings, and according to participant surveys, 99% of training participants indicated the training had greatly increased their knowledge of the types of bullying and bully prevention. Even more exciting is the fact that we have trained eight volunteer trainers from all over Iowa to present our bully curriculum!

Walk the Talk Iowa’s bully prevention training has been designed to address various groups, with training curriculum tailored specifically for students, parents, and educators. If you have a group interested in receiving our free bully prevention training, or are interested in the “train the trainer” program to become a bully prevention trainer, we’d love to hear from you! Contact ASK Resource Center by calling (800) 450-8667.

Training Goals, Description, and Audience

Walk the Talk Iowa’s bully prevention efforts are funded entirely by personal and corporate donations. 100% of the donations received go toward providing free bully prevention training and resources for families across the state of Iowa. Please consider a donation to help us continue our efforts to put an end to bullying! No amount is too small. All donations are tax deductible.

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