It’s easy to say we’re against bullying.
Now it’s time to “Walk the Talk”!

Bullying today does not just happen at school – it’s happening at extracurricular activities, church youth groups, in our neighborhoods, and it’s even in our homes by way of cyber bullying. In order for real change to be accomplished, students, parents, educators, coaches, church leaders, community leaders, and legislators must all stand together and “Walk the Talk” against bullying!

ASK Resource Center (Iowa’s Parent Training and Information Center) and Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa are partnering to bring you the “Walk the Talk” Bully Prevention Walk. Both organizations are 501c(3) non-profit organizations. You can visit their websites at www.askresource.org and www.lda-ia.org.

In May, 2012, during a community conversation after viewing the movie, “Bully”, Iowans told us that families want to better address bullying in their communities. Through a follow-up survey, Iowans informed us that they specifically want more information on how to help victimized children (both the bullied and the bullies), information on how to affect system change around the issue, and information on how to hold systems accountable to current law. Iowan’s wanted information, resources, and training and so the “Walk the Talk” Bully Prevention Walk was born. The walk is the main means of funding the free training and resources for parents across the state and 100% of the proceeds from the walk benefits those efforts.